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Our Process

The Process Of Designing The Perfect Yard

Starting with a comprehensive consultation by one of our expert landscape designers, we then develop an appropriate landscape analysis which includes taking measurements, photographs, and talking with the prospective client about their needs and vision. RLB’s licensed landscape architects and designers can then draw a plan that is specifically tailored to the client needs. A well-detailed proposal with the cost quote and planning process overview is prepared for presentation to the client.

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Quick and Easy Sod Installations & Retaining Wall Installations

If you’ve had your eye on that “best yard of the month” sign, then it’s time for action. With our lawn care services and landscaping innovations, we’ll get your yard noticed in no time. With the proper irrigation and our expert landscaping, we’ll give you the yard of your dreams. Talk to one of our landscapers today! Our work spans from all the necessary landscaping changes, to a remedy for severe irrigation drainage issues, to creating a landscape for the residential house that provides a shaded pavestone, landscape space, or replacing a large lawn with low-water use plants, to qualify for a city rebate. RLB landscapes has all the experience needed to complete any landscaping project. When you want landscape design and installation,just give us a call. We’ll do it all. As a design/build company, RLB landscapes design team and landscape construction crews, work to the bone to raise the bar of your yard and manage to do all of it in shortest time possible for all our installation landscape projects.



Other lawn care companies show up whenever, but we setup a schedule for your home or business.


No two yards are the same. That's why we fully inspect your yard and develop a comprehensive plan for your lawn care and landscaping. We'll review that plan to develop a timeline that fits your needs and budget.


Our goal is to amaze you with our lawn care services. To do that, we go the extra mile. We'll point out and fix problem areas of your yard- fire ants, pests or other problems.

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Residential Landscaping in Sugar Hill, Georgia
At RLB Landscape Group, we will not only make your yard beautiful, but also tailor to any special request that you might have. We will make sure to create the ultimate yard of your dreams, just leave all the hard work to us. If your still doubtful, just look at some of our recent spectacular landscaping works. We have provided everything from landscape design services, sprinklers, irrigation systems, hardscaping to basic lawn care. We take a great pride in our hardscaping and landscaping services which also include retaining walls and even patio installation as well! Our landscapers are always standing by to show you what excellence looks like in the lawn care industry. Get the yard of your dreams today!

Landscaping from Green to Greener!
We’re on a constant journey to make everything we touch more beautiful! While some landscaping companies around town just bring a generic lawnmower and have at it, our landscapers are the best at what they do. We only bring in the latest landscaping technologies for the best outcome possible. We will go the extra mile to help you design the yard you’ve always wanted and dreamed. We’re currently making yards beautiful one at a time in Sugar Hill, Buford, Suwanee, and Cumming Georgia. When you’re ready to have the perfect yard, you’re ready to call RLB landscapes. Let us help you design and maintain the yard of your dreams.

Premium Landscaping
When you call, you can get the quality landscape service that we offer, and you will see the difference it can make in for your home. Having someone reliable like us to service landscape management can be very benefiting for a homeowner. Call us now and find out how our state of the art landscape maintenance and landscape installation services can help make the home of your dreams! When you receive our quality landscape service, you will see the difference that it can make for your home and neighborhood. Having a reliable service landscape manager like us, can be benefiting for homeowners like you at times of need.

Call us and find out how our expert landscape maintenance and landscape installation services can help make the home of your dreams! Every day the season’s change, accidents might happen, the leaves will start to fall, the grass becomes overgrown, the weather changes and your lawn will soon becomes a bush jungle full of wildlife and crazy growing shrubs. Here at RLB, we will make sure that never happens.


We Offer Affordable Landscaping Services
Consider the growth and growing lawns around your home, maybe it’s about time to clean up the place and get quality workmanship. With full-service landscaping and gardening, we will fix your place in no time. Our landscape designers are able to get your home looking new and impressive, so you can enjoy the view of your garden, lawn, patio, walkways and so much more! Our team of expert landscape managers will work to service multiple facets of landscape features. Our services include planting beautiful green trees, vibrant flowers, gardening horticulture systems, or pruning currently planted trees and bushes, these are just some of the services we provide. We also provide service for mulch and turf management, so you can enjoy the yard the way you planned it. We work the best on hardscaping features as well! A huge lawn is nice to see but walking through the tall grass or dragging your feet through the weeds can damage the design of the yard and especially it’s landscape. To remedy this, we provide homeowners the option to get and own beautiful walkways which helps you to travel a path from the road to the front door. Moreover, maybe along the walkway, you would like to have an elegant beautiful water feature such as a pond or water fountain that flows from a stream or body of water near your home.


We provide it all, the landscape designing is all up to you. We are always trying to innovate while keeping up the landscape architect trends of 2018. Along the walkways, you may want to use landscape lighting that can run along the pathways up to your home. We can do all these features and more without hesitation. 

Landscaping Service and Results Guaranteed
If you are looking to keep your home’s lawn fresh and looking up to date but don’t have time to do so, just easily call and request us at RLB landscapes. Whether your requesting a quick refreshing tree trimming so that the branches don’t hang so low or if you need help mowing the lawn because you are busy with a day job, we can do it all. We also do Tree removal, which is a great option if you are having troubles with a tree stump interfering with underground pipes and structures. It is known that tree care can be a beastly task to manage. If ever in this situation getting a team who is well prepared to take care of all aspects of tree care and landscaping can become such a great benefit for homeowner like you. Without a doubt, we are the team to call when it comes to landscape service in Sugar Hill Georgia. Get the quality masonry services or ornamental landscape design services for your home or business in Georgia. We also service water irrigation systems that manages gardening and grass watering. Our goal as one of the best landscaping industry, is to make your yards perfectly green and make home owners like you proud to own it. 

To make this happen, we offer a variety of landscape services beyond landscape design. We also provide lasting lawn care as well as hardscaping and even irrigation installation. Need a sprinkler system to put in your yard? We’re the best ones to call. No matter how small or large the landscaping project is, RLB landscapes can handle any challenge. 

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