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Residential Landscaping Services


Landscape Design

Make your local landscaping team RLB Landscapes! We are willing and able to work with you to make your landscape lawn care look better than ever! We offer a range of services that scale from commercial landscape design architecture to simple residential mowing and weeding services.

Landscaping Services:​

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Landscape Design and Enhancements

  • Landscape Installation

  • Tree and Shrub Management

  • Sod installation

  • Core Aeration and Over-seeding

  • Fire Ant Control

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Watering lawn


Irrigation Repair And Installation Services Sugar Hill, GA

Irrigation is a key factor for making your landscape lawn look lush and full of life! Get sprinkler installations and irrigation systems installed by the best irrigation company in Sugarhill, GA! 


Yards can dry up in no time. Having an irrigation system installed can make it easy to keep your yard healthy and save water too. Let’s talk about an irrigation system for your yard. 

Retaining Walls & Hardscapes

When slopes and hilly lands are not providing the right function for your landscape, getting a retaining wall can improve the look and organization of the landscape. Retaining walls create barriers, build walls, prevent erosion and improve design appeal. 

We will create the yard of your dreams with stunning hardscape designs that also increase the value of your home.

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Outdoor Lighting

The benefits of outdoor lighting are endless. From bringing an extra calm to your garden at night, or making it easier for you and guests when coming in from outside - there's no shortage!


Exterior lights can also deter criminals for fear of easily being seen from neighboring properties and can also prevent accidental tripping while walking at night.


RLB Landscape Group uses the highest quality, long lasting bulbs reducing operational costs and making it a worth while investment.

8 Round Fertilization Program
  1. Pre-emergent herbicide to control annual grasses and weeds.

  2. Pre- and post-emergent weed control will continue to protect the lawn for any future active weeds.

  3. Fast release fertilization with iron to bring Bermuda/Zoysia out of dormancy.

  4. Controlled-release fertilization to maintain good health and optimal color.

  5. Controlled-release fertilization to actively feed your lawn for good health.

  6. Pre and post emergent weed control. This application prepares your lawn for the winter dormancy.

  7. Pre-emergent weed control to continue protecting your lawn against active weeds.

  8. Limestone supplement to help maintain good health and color.

RLB Landscape Group Residential Fertilization

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