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Poolside Landscaping 101: Tips On Backyard Pool Design

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

The pool is one of the most inviting features in any backyard. It’s a place to relax and entertain with friends and family. However, if you want your pool to be an inviting oasis, you need to pay attention to landscaping around it! Landscaping is about more than just aesthetics – it can also help reduce noise from neighbors or nearby roads by providing a buffer zone or even play into what kinds of pests you keep out of your pool area. You may also be considering a sound system or special lights for your swimming pool. We have lots of experience with backyard pool landscaping that we want to share with you – let’s get started!

The Best Plants For A Backyard Swimming Pool

Choosing the right kinds of plants for a swimming pool area is a little different from choosing the right ones to create curb appeal for your home or which seasonal flowers to use for your front yard. You want to consider both function and image. You’re going to be spending hours in and around your pool each summer, and you want your plants to look and live their best.

You may want to think about ease of maintenance, privacy, and your desired theme. Your theme will have implications on elements like proportion (the sizes of various plants so your yard doesn’t become a full on jungle), variety, color and texture, and even scent.

You also want to keep existing landscaping in mind.

Shade Plants

If you have lots of trees around your pool or want to add some to keep the sun from completely overtaking your outdoor paradise, consider plants that do well in the shade.

- Hostas, for example, can tolerate more sun than other shady plant options while still being tolerant to moist conditions around swimming pools.

- English Ivy provides a beautiful backdrop with its trailing leaves, creating an attractive scene at water’s edge or bordering stone pavers on decking surfaces.

Sun Plants

On the other hand, if you are looking for fun in ALL the sun, you may need more drought-tolerant plants on the ground. For sunnier and drier climates, succulents like the Jade plant, which thrive in full sun and need little water, are great alternatives. Other succulents that do well near pools include the Aloe Vera plant, the Agave or Century Plant and the Echeveria. Just be sure the succulents you choose aren’t thorny or spiny. Nobody wants to brush their bare skin on a pokey plant!

Ornamental Grasses

If you’re more interested in pool landscaping ideas that reflect our native northeast Georgia climate, you might prefer ornamental grasses. These gorgeous options are great for projects that will look awesome year-round. Some of our favorite ornamental grasses include yellow foxtail grass, feather grass, giant reed, blue fescue, and even some types of bamboo (just be careful you don’t choose an invasive species, as they can take over your patio or pool).

Want to see even more options? Our friends over at The Spruce have a pretty comprehensive list of plants that do well near pools. Even better, give us a call at 770-271-3301, and let RLB Landscape Group design your superior outdoor space!

Sound System Ideas For The Pool Area

Plants and grasses aren’t the only things that create a superior backyard pool design. At some point you’ll want to think about a pool sound system installation. Listening to music or the game on a professionally installed sound system is miles better than trying to jam to your favorite tunes on a little portable speaker connected to your phone.

The installation process doesn’t have to be difficult. Some of the most common pool sound system options include using a wired or wireless audio module installed in your home, an outdoor speaker connected to any existing stereo inside or outside of your house, and/or hiring a professional contractor like RLB Landscape Group, who specializes in installing these systems around pools.

For those that want it all without having to worry about maintenance, you might build speakers into the sides of the pool at different heights for better sonic experience (ideal height is between ear level and above water) with minimal interference from waves. If you’re looking for an option that encompasses the entire yard, you can add speakers under the eaves of your house or elevated deck, but remember to keep them no higher than 10 feet above listening level.

There are lots of other considerations to keep in mind, like sound control for various zones (especially in larger backyards), power requirements, adaptors for special events if you think you might have a band or DJ set up, weather resistance and protection, and so much more.

If you want to add sound to your pool, it really is best to consult a professional, like RLB Landscape Group. Call us for a free consultation!

Lighting For Your Backyard Pool

A last element that can help to create the perfect outdoor space for your summer months is pool lighting.

One of the ultimate goals of outdoor lighting is to produce enough light to provide safety without being too bright or glaring. The best way to do this is by mounting fixtures on each side of the pool. This will illuminate both sides evenly and create a safe viewing experience for guests as they get ready for their dip in the water.

It’s also important that you include underwater lights because these fixtures support your safety measures for every evening swim. They only emit minimal heat, which prevents overheating the surrounding landscaping areas or burning swimmers.

When it comes to style and ambiance, illuminating your pool in the evening with a low-wattage, cool light will make it seem larger and more inviting than ever before. Combined with the best sound system installation and custom designed landscaping around, your pool will become the envy of the neighborhood and the talk of the town!

A Final Word On Planning Your Backyard Pool Landscape Design

Everyone wants a comfortable, enjoyable place to spend the hottest days of the year, especially in Georgia. Having a pool most certainly makes those days more tolerable, but who wants “tolerable” when you can have AMAZING? It’s time to get started on designing your backyard oasis so you can enjoy the most of those summer days and nights.

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